List of Top 10 Web Design Companies in Kuwait

Search no further for the top web design companies in Kuwait. I have compiled a list of the top website design companies in Kuwait in no particular order. These companies are registered companies in Kuwait with valid addresses. Although, there will be another post soon on the top freelancers in the website design field soon.

Without further adieu, let’s get the list rolling:

DATA (Kuwait Website Design)
Kuwait Website Design specializes and focuses on digital transformation by providing IT solutions such as mobile apps development, web design, cloud hosting, web development, branding, managed services, digital marketing, interface design, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence in Kuwait.
Services: Web design, custom web development, e-commerce, SEO, digital marketing, UX/UI design, managed services, branding and emerging technologies.
Established In: 2007
Total Team Size: 10+
Offshore Offices: One
Address in Kuwait:
Bassam Tower 3, Floor 1, Qutaiba St., Hawally
Pinnacles Building, Block 1, Ras Salmiya

National Web Solutions Company (Mawaqaa)
National Web Solutions Company – Mawaqaa, a leading web solution provider, founded in 2002, has been a pioneer in the industry for the last 14 years with fruitful completion of more than 970 projects by 130 dedicated staff in Kuwait, Dubai, India, and Jordan.
Services: Web technologies, Mobility, Adz, Tech and Cyber Security.
Established In: 2002
Total Team Size: 130+
Offshore Offices: Three
Address in Kuwait: Ahmad Al Jaber St, Crystal Tower, 30th Floor, Kuwait City

Design Box
Design Box is the leading advertising and interactive agency located in Kuwait, which specializes in branding, web design and print services. Utilizing its highly creative competence, Design Box is committed to providing powerful and original solutions, looking beyond conventional, routine ideas.
Services: Branding and Advertising, Print, Web Design, Mobile Development and Others.
Established In: N/A (I personally know it’s been in the market for a decent amount of time)
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: Rehab Complex, Office 815, Tunis Street, Hawally.

Design Master
Design Master is a premier visual communication service company based in Kuwait. They have been creating new and effective web design and development, smartphone applications and other IT solutions to help their clients build their business using innovation, intelligence, and up-to-the-minute technology.
Services: Web Design, Web Hosting, Smart Phone, Identity, and Multimedia.
Established In: 2001
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: Three
Address in Kuwait: 116, Salem Al Mubarak Street, 5th Floor, Opp. Olympia Towers, Salmiya, Kuwait.

Web Tech was founded in 1999, as an Internet Development Company based in Kuwait. They offer a complete package of web design services, from initial planning stages to final implementation and testing. Their main objective is your success.
Services: Design and Development, Responsive Websites, and Android and iOS apps.
Established In: 1999
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: Inn & Go Kuwait Plaza Hotel, Fahad Al-Salem St, Safat 13045, Kuwait City, 9th Floor, Office No.- 913, Kuwait.

They specialize in branding, web design, e-commerce solutions, app development, corporate gifts, SEO marketing, social media marketing. They offer everything to build a strong brand, product or company.
Services: Mobile Applications, Web Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Corporate Branding, Digital Marketing, Event Management, Web and Domain Hosting, and Corporate Gifts.
Established In: 2003
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: Shuwaikh, Next to Samsonite Warehouse, Opposite of Bahman Al-Omraniyah Co. P.O. Box. 4121, Safat 13042, Kuwait

WAVAI employs its expertise in the web industry to overcome the obstacles that may get in the way of its clients by meeting their requirements in Social Media Management, E-commerce Solutions
Services: Mobile Applications, Web Services, Digital Marketing, and Business Solutions.
Established In: 2010
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: One
Address in Kuwait: Nouf Tower, 17th floor, Kuwait City, Jaber Al-Mubarak St. Office 4

Anathoth Advertising Company
Anathoth Web designing and Advertising company based in Kuwait is a group of talented professionals with a perfect know-how of variety of business fields where each one is powered by an unchallenged mind of creativity to thrust their clients towards success. They focus on what you want, more than what they can do.
Services: Mobile Applications, Web Development, Software Solutions, SEO Services, and Art & Branding.
Established In: 2009
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: 133 St, Salmiya, Kuwait

Chrisans Web Solutions
Chrisans Solutions is a Kuwait based registered web design and development company having a powerful team in Web UI/UX design and Mobile App development, which includes HTML, PHP, IOS App Development in iPhone/IPad, Android App Development. Their cost-effective Web development in Kuwait provides high-quality web solutions to partners globally. They offer complete and all-embracing web related services including Mobile App Development Kuwait.
Services: Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development, Software Development, Content Management System, Search Engine Optimization, Google Map Optimization, E-Commerce Development, Web Maintenance & Updates, KNET & Credit Card Integration, Social Media Marketing, SSL Certificates, and Web Hosting Packages
Established In: 2009
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: Office No. 602, Sixth Floor, Salhiya Tower Building, Kuwait City, Kuwait

DESIGNED, a pioneering firm in the field of value innovation. They offer you a wide spectrum of services and presenting inventive solutions. DESIGNED addresses all your information technology and graphic design needs with groundbreaking competence.
Services: UI and UX design, Mobile App Development, Branding & Graphic Design, Digital Consultancy, Web Development, and Digital Advertising Campaigns.
Established In: N/A (They are pretty new)
Total Team Size: N/A
Offshore Offices: None
Address in Kuwait: Al Zumorrodah Tower – Floor 21, Ahmad Al Jaber St., Jibla – Kuwait

If you think there are interesting companies who provide great website services, please comment in the section below.

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Code Linux Tech

How To Create NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server With Debian Linux

Those of you who want to low priced NAS (Network Attached Storage) Server [in short a file server, for all your files needs], whether it be for home or small business, you can get one easily configured.

All you would need is

Requirements :

  1. 1 x Linux installed box (Raspberry Pi 2/3 would also do)
  2. 1 x Ethernet Cable
  3. 1 x Class 10 Micro SD [Class 10] (if using Raspberry Pi 2/3)
  4. 1 x External Hard Drive
  5. 1 x Dual Band WIFI Router

First install Linux on the computer. (There are plenty of videos on YouTube, watch some to get it done)

For those who are using Raspberry Pi, can download Noobs and install on the MicroSD from

Login to your box and follow the instructions below.

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How to install and run Quake 3 Arena on Linux

First you will need a few things.

  1. Quake 3 Arena CD or .iso file.
  2. Working Linux box (computer)
  3. Download Quake 3 Engine Download and Data Installer (
  4. Download Quake 3 Patch Data (

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Code Tech

Bitsquatting and HTML document subresource integrity

If you have heard about bitsquatting, you would know that DNS can be hijacked without exploitation.

Bitsquatting refers to the registration of a domain names one bit different than a popular domain. The name comes from typosquatting: the act of registering domain names one key press different than a popular domain. Bitsquatting frequently resolved domain names makes it possible to exploit computer hardware errors via DNS.

A variety of HTML elements result in requests for resources that are to be embedded into the document, or executed in its context.

To support integrity metadata for some of these elements, a new integrity attribute is added to the list of content attributes for the link and script elements.

A corresponding integrity IDL attribute which reflects the value each element’s integrity content attribute is added to the HTMLLinkElement and HTMLScriptElement interfaces.

Note: A future revision of this specification is likely to include integrity support for all possible subresources, i.e., a, audio, embed, iframe, img, link, object, script, source, track, and video elements.

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Featured Tech

Blockchain and Banks

Blockchain has rapidly evolved from a mysterious buzzword to a transformative technology with exciting new applications for the financial industry. Using Blockchain, financial organizations can achieve effective and faster automated transaction processing, greater security and sharing, simplified document maintenance and reduced operational costs.

However, despite the business and operational benefits of Blockchain distributed ledger technology, many financial organizations continue to use traditional transaction processing. This is resulting in high costs, manual processes, security and file sharing issues, as well as data maintenance, retrieval and archival challenges.

In this post, we’ll examine the steps required to achieve the full benefits of Blockchain and how organizational transformation can be accelerated.

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How Hackers Get Into Your Website

Websites could be hacked for any number of reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, anybody can get hacked. A large organisation may know exactly what threatens their site, but they take this for granted, never thinking it will dare to reach them. Smaller companies, on the other hand, can’t imagine what a hacker would want with them, so are sure they won’t be hacked. Whatever the case, it’s important to be well-informed about how hackers can attack your website.


How Hackers Wreak Havoc

This is a compiled list of 9 ways hackers may attack your website.

1. Password Cracking

The hacker may try to login to your account by guessing your username and password. This is very much like how a thief might pick a lock or break in through a window. They could use the Man in the Middle (MITM) attack, where the hacker may obtain your username, password, and other personal information while you work on an insecure network. Remember that every time you use an insecure network, your details are transferred from one point to another via plain text, making them easy to intercept.


2.  SQL Injection

When there’s an injection attack, it means an attacker can inject code into a query or malware on a computer. This allows them to modify a database or alter data on a website by executing remote commands.


3.   Third Party Integrations

Third party integrations have become commonplace, especially with content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. The challenge with a third party integration hack is that the website owner is unable to control it. The most well-known forms of third party integrations manipulation include:

  • Malvertising attacks.
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN) attacks.


4.   Session Management and Broken Authentication Attacks

A hacker can gain access to your account if your website has a weakened user authentication system. Once your account is hacked, they can do anything the account owner is able to. This means that a hacker can assume your identity.

You could be vulnerable to this kind of attack if:

  • Session IDs are not rotated after a successful login.
  • Passwords, session IDs and other credentials are sent over unencrypted connections.
  • The URL exposes your session IDs.
  • Session IDs can be easily affected by session fixation attacks.
  • Your user details are weak, for example, if they were not stored using encryption or hashing.
  • Poor account management functions allow your credentials to be guessed or overwritten.


5.   Cross-Site Scripting Attacks

Cross-site Scripting also called an XSS attack, is an injection that allows the attacker execute malicious payload into an authentic website or web application. When an XSS script is prompted, users are deceived into believing that the jeopardised page is actually a legitimate page of the website.


6.   DNS Cache Spoofing

Also known as DNS Cache Poisoning, DNS Spoofing involves hackers identifying flaws in a domain name system, allowing them to divert Internet traffic from a legitimate website or server towards a fake one. The dangerous thing about this kind of attack is that it can replicate itself and spread from DNS server to DNS server.


7.  Symlinking

A symbolic link or symlink refers to a file that contains a reference to another file or directory. You’ve got yourself a symlinking attack when an attacker creates a file and gives it the same name as the symbolic link, while it creates the linked-to file instead. With symlinking, the hacker may be able to:

  • Grant themselves advanced access.
  • Control the changes to a file.
  • Expose sensitive information.
  • Corrupt or destroy vital system or application files.
  • Insert false information.


8.  Clickjacking Attacks

Also known as a UI Redress Attack, Clickjacking occurs when an attacker tricks users to click the top layer after creating various obscure layers. What this means is that the hacker is hijacking clicks that are meant for one page and routeing them to another page.


9.   One-Click Attacks

Also called Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF or XSRF), a one-click attack is a simple attack where a user is forced by the attacker to perform some significant action without them knowing about it or consenting to it. It is very much like forging a victim’s signature on an important document. The tricky thing here is that a forged request comes from the same IP address as the victim’s request, leaving no evidence behind. In many scenarios, the application will not be able to tell the difference between a hacker and a valid user.


How to Keep Them at Bay

While cloud hosting and domain name companies try their best to provide excellent security for their clients, website owners also have to be on their toes. Brendan Wilde, Online Manager at says, “We’ve got more than 200,000 domains that we manage and the reality is that most of their owners haven’t stopped to think about what else they need to do to protect their space online.”

Don’t be like the others, do these to protect your website:

  1. Never underestimate your site’s relevance to hackers.
  2. Limit the number of people you give administrative access to your website.
  3. Use a website firewall to protect yourself against the exploitation of software vulnerabilities.
  4. Try to have at least 60 days of backup available.
  5. Use webmaster tools by Google and Bing to check the health of your website.
  6. Get your site themes from reputable sources, such as the website of your CMS.
  7. Don’t use too many plugins, and stick to popular ones.
  8. Make sure to update integrated software and CMS software frequently.
  9. Use a strong password for your administration and FTP accounts.
  10. Use two-factor and multifactor authentication to revamp how people access your website.
  11. Use hosting companies that routinely update security.
  12. Never interact directly with an unsolicited email.
  13. Use antiviral applications regularly on your site.
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The illusion of the past and the future

What if I tell you there is no past and no future? Would you be curious to know why?

Let me begin by asking you a question. Did you ever jump into the future or the past and did something there? If you didn’t, the chances are at any point of time, you must have been in the present.

The logical question then is, we plan for the future all the time and we remember the past, then how don’t they exist?

The short answer is, they are the constructs of the mind.

The explanation is simple, whenever we are planning for the future, we are doing so in the present. We are putting a set of instructions for ourselves for the present continuum. The present is never ending, hence the illusion of the future. We synchronize our present continuum with that of the others to accomplish tasks and goals.

The whole system which we are in I reckon, is being born and is dying at the same instance, while what is being born is generated based on what just died.

All I can wonder is, what an efficient process it is!

I do not know the algorithm of the births!

P.S: Time travel, hmm.. maybe not.. in any direction or dimension!

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Featured Tech

Google Translate with mobile camera

Now you can translate using your mobile camera. Point and see the translation, that easy!

The Google Translate team tests their new app in 27 languages — you can download it on the Google Play Store ( and App Store (

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Too many coincidences

Lately, I have been seeing too many same numbers. 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666, 777, 888, 999, 1010, 1111, 1212.

These have been repeating all the time. It’s been six months now and seems like the frequency is increasing day by day.

Even the lights go off when I cross street lights! Seems odd, but its happening!

Have you been experiencing something like this lately?

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WordPress – Remove ver from CSS and JS file

Problem: You are unable to see the changes you are doing to your CSS and JS files on your WordPress website. You notice a strange ‘?ver=’ suffixed to your CSS and JS files.

Solution:  Use the following code snippet and put it at the end in your functions.php file.

An easy way to add code to your functions.php without editing it manually is using Code Snippets

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