How to install and run Quake 3 Arena on Linux

First you will need a few things.

  1. Quake 3 Arena CD or .iso file.
  2. Working Linux box (computer)
  3. Download Quake 3 Engine Download and Data Installer (
  4. Download Quake 3 Patch Data (

Run the Engine Download and Data Installer

Start the terminal and navigate to the folder where you downloaded the Engine Download and Data Installer.

Execute the .run file with something like sh

Follow the instructions for both the .run files

It should install and also create a folder at /home/your-username/.q3a

Baseq3 folder and Patch Files

Copy the baseq3 folder from the Quake 3 Arena CD and paste it into the .q3a folder mentioned above.

Copy the patch files from the Quake 3 Patch Data (see no.4 above) into the .q3a folder.

Run Quake 3

That’s it. Fire up the terminal, and run the command ioquake3

Enjoy fragging!

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